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All compositions composed and played by Vladan.

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Vladan V3 (Folk Legacy)


Led by Vladan Mijatovic (Piano), V3 is a Serbian Jazz-Folk Trio based in New York City.
Freshly graduated from Berklee College of Music other two members Milos Branisavljevic (Drums) and Akos Forgacs (Bass) together with Vladan are pulled into the whirlpool of New York today’s most demanding Jazz scene.

As this is the time in the music where everything is a mishap and fusions are born everyday,
V3 is admirably bending boundaries between traditional Eastern European, very specific and distinguish (Balkan) folk music and contemporary Jazz, taking the traditional “temper”, odd rhythms and lyrical melodies of such music and adventurously teleporting them into the “now”, the present time of, let’s call it “World Jazz.”

Being brought up at that part of the world where music is ornamental, melodious and vastly colorful, man is often bestowed with such a unique skills and atypical abilities, in music. The musicians featured in “V3” including a special guest featured on couple of tracks, Ismail Lumanovski – Clarinet, are among today’s most accomplished musician from that part of that world. They have amply demonstrated their skills by touring, playing with spontaneity, enjoying one of the humans biggest miracles called music and by creating entertainment for a mass audience, all around the world. So what melodies, harmonies, and cadences might haunt their new album? Vladan and the members of “V3” offers an answer to those questions with first recording of their new works called “Folk Legacy” a medium that can perhaps reveal a Balkan musicians truest voice.

Vladan’s debut at Carnegie Hall On October 7th 2014

VLADAN has continuously combined music from Eastern Europe with modern jazz and classical music idioms, finding a fine fusion of the two. He has performed around the world with his trio and as a solo pianist, and has built an international following, with audiences coming to expect a singular, intense experience at his performances. With 52 white keys and 36 black keys at his disposal, original interpretation of the Balkan musical tradition, personal playing technique and treatment of progressive ornamentation and poly-rhythmic beats, and an at once dynamic and sensitive spirit have culminated in VLADAN’s first Solo Piano album Ornaments.

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Grammy winner, drummer Robby Ammen, well-known Turkish-American composer and author of the “Virtuoso Series” books, Bugra Balci, and VLADAN have joined together as a trio under the name “Korrous”. Recent recording sessions in New York feature the song titled Paranoid which is pieced together from a few different musical elements. Apart from the fact that all three are esteemed jazz musicians, Robby brings a Latin and Hip-Hop rhythmical facilities, Bugra contributes a harmonic approach with substantial knowledge of classical music, and VLADAN paints with his unique sounds of the Balkans. This is combination of three different energies, three different cultures, and three different musical backgrounds merged into an entirely new sound called “Korrous.”

VLADAN (piano/keyboards)
Robby Ameen (drums)
Bugra Balci (bass)


VLADAN’s most favorite band formation over the years has been as a trio. Starting in 2009, presented by LOFT music, his trio began performing concerts with the concept of “FOLK MEETS JAZZ”. VLADAN’s musical background has always drawn him to combine music from Eastern Europe with modern Jazz and Classical music and to find a distinguishable fusion between them. With a combination of traditional music from the Balkans alongside a singular technique of playing – building ornaments and poly-rhythmic beats, dynamic and at the same time with a sensitive spirit.


VLADAN recently started working with renowned vocalist and cult artist, Lyn Christopher. Lyn returned to the spotlight recently as Universal Music re-issued her classic 1973 self-titled debut in February of this year. After 40 years of obscurity, Lyn Christopher’s 1973 debut release on Paramount Records is once again available through Universal Music.
The Lyn Christopher album contains 11 classic tracks showcasing Lyn’s sultry and iconic vocals that reflect the mood and optimism of early 70′s pop and soul. This album marks the first ever appearance of KISS’s Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley on a major release as they lend their background vocals on the tracks “Celebrate II” and “Wedding”. Another KISS member, drummer Peter Criss, also lent his hand claps for the track “Celebrate II”. Lyn’s music has recently seen a resurgence thanks in part to urban artists from LL Cool J to Mobb Deep’s Havoc, who have rediscovered and sampled her recordings.
VLADAN is now an official member of the Lyn Christopher group and will be collaborating with Lyn on her new material.


By Jorg Konrad

Firstenfeldbruk – Jazz music always draws inspiration from folk music – except when it comes to the holy trinity of harmony, rhythm and melody of the “Blue Notes” and of course when it comes to improvisation, which is, without a doubt, the most individual part of the music. In the past this was called “Roots”- these were the roots of jazz from the Creole people and adopted by Africans in the “melting pot” of New Orleans. That is until there occurred the intellectualizing and a stronger base which produced different, very modern stylistic forms. Today, again, it is more clearly said of folk music that it is the source of jazz; especially in Europe, with its diverse cultures and musical traditions and of course the amazing possibilities for their fusion. And just like that Mr. Vladan Mijatovic has chosen this fusion as the starting point for his musical trio. Last Wednesday, this pianist from Serbia performed in the last concert of the series “First Jazz”, using the folklore of Eastern Europe as a starting point for their temperament improvisation – certainly no American standards from the “Great American Songbooks” nor abstractly formulated avant-garde music. And as a kind of surprise, Vladan Mijatovic, presented a guest, the Russian singer, Anastasia Volokitin. Special recognition is deserved for the independent style in which his jazz trio plays. Vladan Mijatovic is an incredible pianist, creatively musical and educated in the classical domain, having studied at the University of Music and Performing Arts under Prof. Leonid Chizhik
Read more > and awarded numerous times, even before the age of 30. He is an expert musician who reluctantly talks, but instantly shows his mastery on the piano. This approach could be a bit lacking in dramaturgy, especially the improvisation, but his hunger and virtuosity as a pianist, finds its sustenance in unbelievable and often variable tastes of Serbian, Bulgarian and Azerbaijani folk music. He plays melodically, percussively, and in a disharmonious style, yet at the same time the music has a personal color. Giorgi Makhoshvili, a bassist originally from Georgia, as a locomotive, pulls the music for you (or rather pushes it ahead) with some elements of swing music, but with lot of based themes providing something vital, strong, and vibrant. In contrast, the drummer Nevyan Lenkov from Bulgaria at his drumset plays a bit withdrawn, evening out the temperament of the other two and providing a very moody rhythm. Anastasia Volokitin is not only a trained vocalist, but she also composes – and particularly for this evening with the trio of Vladan Mijatovic has tried a few of her pieces. Her interpretations are far from conventional jazz singing performances. With her, it all sounds more robust, always exceeding into the realm of treble tones and suddenly moving into the deepest levels but then again, leaves a strong and fascinating glissando. In only one song Anastasia Volokitin creates amazing shadows of her voice and, so, a variety of emotions, which in the western conception of jazz is an absolute novelty.


The 6 piece Balkan Theory is a New York-based band made up of musicians from Macedonia, Turkey, Serbia, and Bulgaria. Balkan Theory works with traditional folk material from the Balkans, using popular Roma tunes with an eclectic mix of Jazz, Classical, Hip-hop and Techno background music. Adding complex rhythm, heart wrenching melodies, dense ornamentation and amazing improvisation, Balkan Theory is a full-on chemistry explosion. Band is currently working on their debut album soon to be released.

VLADAN (piano/keyboards)
Sal Mamudoski (clar)
Caner Fuat Tokgozol (oud)
Martin Doykin (bass)
Burak Sirin (drums)
Ilker Ciraci (perc)


Coming from the same small city in Serbia and growing up together, the Home Organ Trio features Bozidar Radenkovic on Guitar, Aleksandar Cvetkovic on Drums and VLADAN on Hammond/Keyboard. Bozidar and Aleksandar both graduated from the University of Music in Graz (Austria) and worked with some of the biggest names of today’s Jazz music scene. Their home city, Kraljevo, became famous for its Jazz musicians as there are more per head than in any other city in Serbia. Interestingly there is not a single Jazz club in this city or nearby. The Home Organ Trio have scheduled a record release for some time in early 2015.
VLADAN (piano/keyboards)
Bozidar Radenkovic (guitar)
Aleksandar Cvetkovic (drums)


Spontaneous studio session introduces drumming virtuoso, Aleksandar Colovic, to the world.
Aleksandar’s flawless technique, crystal clean drumming acrobatics and vibrant musical energy alongside VLADAN’s approach to the synthesizer as it’s own instrument (rather than an electric piano), inspired them to make a spontaneous and unplanned studio jam session at STUDIO “TON”. The most interesting track is “Impressions” – blisteringly fast with jaw-dropping solos by both artists, VLADAN’s furious fingerings are matched note-for-note by Aleksandar’s creativity.


The music of the Balkans is truly unique – rhythmical, temperamental and played with many “unusual” ornaments. As accordion is very popular instrument in Serbia, VLADAN decided to compose and rearrange a number of traditional songs for Piano and Accordion.The project started as a duette but then later on expanded to a quartet, when Gio Makoschvili (Bass)  and Nevyan Lenkov (Percussion) joined the band.


Watch VANJA’s music video for her new single:

VLADAN comes from a musical family;  after his grandfather who played trumpet and his father who is a respectful musician, VLADAN’s sister, VANJA Mijatovic also became a successful singer. VANJA is presented by the biggest music production house in Eastern Europe, Grand Production. VANJA & VLADAN often work together, having performed from early childhood, composing and writing new music for each other as well as for other popular Serbian artists of this particular genre. They continue to support and embrace each other through music.


VLADAN has worked as a Studio/Recording Artist for a several major studios around the world. For more than a decade, VLADAN has collaborated with other musicians and has recorded over one hundred songs for artists from USA, Germany, Serbia, Spain, France, Sweden, Croatia, Austria, among others. VLADAN’s work has expanded the Jazz genre, having recorded with the National Serbian Orchestra, various Pop artists, Folk Stars and many others.


VLADAN has a huge interest and love for writing music for motion pictures. He has been featured couple of times in various television specials and made appearances on National Public Radio (NPR). He also composed an original soundtrack for the Serbian film, Ibar Voda, which has not yet been released. In a cooperation with STUDIO “TON” (Serbia), VM Studio (New York) and Mina-Entertainment studio in Los Angeles (California), and access to a large collection of live and digital instruments, VLADAN and his team are capable of composing, arranging and recording any kind of music for motion picture, short documentaries, advertising videos and more.


VLADAN has recently opened his studio for private instruction in between spending time on the road performing. If you are interested in pursuing private instructions in-person or via Skype, he would be happy to discuss your musical growth and help you to achieve your individual goals. Please contact: lessons@vladan.com