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Scoring the action cue form HBO's Westworld

This is something very special...


A action scene from the HBO's popular series "Westworld".

Music composed and orchestrated by Vladan Mijatovic as part of the Spitfire Audio scoring competition 2020.

Vladan's music featured in another short film

"THROUGH THE PANIC" is a short film about an agoraphobic women who is desperate to feel normal. A glimpse of mental illness. A film by Dawn Church.


Music composed and orchestrated by Vladan Mijatovic.

Chick Corea's song on accordion...



One of the most beautiful songs from the legendary pianist and composer Chick Corea, rearranged for Piano & Accordion and performed by Vladan Mijatovic.






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Vladan's Accordion Debut 

This is something very special...


Vladan's accordion debut! The accordion is one of Vladan's favorite instrument, and happen to be a very popular instrument in Balkan, and has a gorgeous sound as well. The song is a Serbian Traditional song composed by Serbian singer Toma Zdravkovic, with the twist of Vladan's imagination and "unusual harmony".

Vladan's music featured in the film, One Two Three

Directed by Skyler Sulby, One, Two, Three is a short film about ballet dancer reflecting on her memories from her youth.


Music composed and orchestrated by Vladan Mijatovic.

"Vladan accomplishes an impressively seamless mash-up of Eastern European, Western Classical, and American jazz styles". 

(All About Jazz)

"In the end, making music, any kind of music, is all about the performer connecting with his or her audience. This, Vladan does without question; his playing opens his heart to ours". 

(All About Jazz)

"Vladan also recognizes the splendor and happiness that beautiful music can provide and to that end, he leaves a bit of his soul on the keys as he performs the music of this album". 

(All About Jazz)

"To listen to his debut solo piano album is to be engulfed by the whirlwind that is Vladan."

(All About Jazz)

"Ornaments, his solo piano debut is an expansive portrait of his unique style".

(The New York Jazz Record)

"His music mixes classical sensibility with Balkan folk music coupled with improvisation, making him end up sounding like a modern Balkan Chopin merged with

Oscar Peterson."

(All About Jazz)

Here is what others have to say about Vladan...

Vladan's film scoring reel #1 - Adventurous 

There are seven compositions in this real and a mockup of the famous "Mission Impossible" soundtrack.


Music composed and orchestrated by Vladan Mijatovic.

All rights reserved.

Hibryd Dark Score Created by Vladan

Music in this video is inspired by the series of movies where the story is originated in the city of Gotham.


Music composed and orchestrated by Vladan Mijatovic.

All rights reserved.

The Sounds of Chernobyl - Original Soundtrack

Music inspired by the disaster that occurred in the city of Chernobyl.


Music composed and orchestrated by Vladan Mijatovic.

All rights reserved.

New video: Vladan reviews the latest Yamaha keyboard

Yamaha MODX

New Composition - From Jazz to Baroque featuring

"Voices of Opera"

Piece of music featuring latest virtual instruments library from EastWest - Voices of Opera. Music composed and orchestrated by Vladan Mijatovic. All rights reserved.

Collaboration with the musicians on instagram...

This is the cover song of the legendary bassist Alain Caron, Right after four. Vladan has never met the musicians in this video and everyone has recorded their parts separately. This band was formed on "Instagram" and the idea is to record cover and original songs entirely online with the help of modern communications. This video is also an examples that music knows no boundaries and that the borders does not exist.

Vladan's new score...

Vladan has a huge passion and love for film scoring. This is his latest score on theme "Constellation"
Do you need score for your next project? Feel free to contact Vladan...

V3 is an exciting and innovative new Serbian-American, Jazz-Folk Trio based in New York City. Led by Vladan Mijatovic on piano, together with Berklee College of Music graduates Milos Branisavljevic on drums and Akos Forgacs on bass, they are bringing a fresh, alternative sound to a diverse and demanding music scene. 


In a clear, original format V3 traverses boundaries of traditional Eastern European music, specifically Balkan folk melodies, blending the varied, uneven rhythms and colorful lyricism of beloved folk tunes with the sharp, cutting edge sounds of contemporary jazz. The atypical approach of V3 brings a unique perspective to today’s music.


Being brought up at that part of the world, where music is ornamental, melodious and vastly colorful, man is often bestowed with the unique skills and unconventional abilities in music. 


Vladan Mijatovic and Milos Branisavljevic have composed several tracks blending native Balkan flavors with current influences. Their debut album, Folk Legacy, features several covers such as “Biljana,” an old traditional Macedonian song, as well as “Night in Tunisia,” the famous jazz standard composed by the legendary Dizzy Gillespie. The featured artists on Folk Legacy include special guest, Ismail Lumanovski, virtuoso on clarinet, and are among today's most accomplished Eastern European musicians. Their inventive compositions are a testament to the creative impetus that is leading the way to new frontiers in “World Music”.


V3 brings a welcome new sound and an authentic, global sensibility to the contemporary musical landscape.



Special thanks to the Nublu Team and to this awesome


Jan Kus - Tenor Saxophone

Akos Forgacs - Bass

Omercan Sakar - Drums





From his debut concert at the world famous Carnegie Hall, Vladan donated everything to charity


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