Sounds Of The SPRING

Scoring the Spring CGI animated movie...
As part of my film composing journey, I had an opportunity to write music for the Spring


Sounds Of The Reefs

Scoring the sounds of the Reefs...


As part of my film composing journey, I had an opportunity to write music for the Corals. How does a coral reef sound? Does coral make any sound? Are they quiet? It is all very interesting but lets our imagination do the magic. Here is how I heard the music of the corals. This music is not written for this particular video. I've made this video by myself for fun and more importantly to raise awareness of climate change.


Sounds Of The Planets Colliding

Trailer (type) soundtrack, composed and performed by me. I was always fascinated by space, and I can only try to imagine how many planets collide each moment in the Universe. Will that happen to our beautiful planet? Is the clock ticking? Are we the only ones out there? Of course not... Anyway, let us not worry about that, just live every moment in full and let the Universe and our beautiful Creator take care of those "minor" things. :) Music is not written for this video. I have made this video after I've composed the music...simply for fun.


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Scoring an action cue form HBO's Westworld

This is something very special...


An action scene from HBO's popular series "Westworld".

Music composed and orchestrated by Vladan Mijatovic as part of the Spitfire Audio scoring competition 2020.

Vladan's music featured in another short film,

 directed by Dawn Church

"THROUGH THE PANIC" is a short film about an agoraphobic woman who is desperate to feel normal. A glimpse of mental illness. A film by Dawn Church.


Music composed and orchestrated by Vladan Mijatovic.

Chick Corea's song on THE accordion...



One of the most beautiful songs from the legendary pianist and composer Chick Corea, rearranged for Piano & Accordion and performed by Vladan Mijatovic.

Vladan's Accordion Debut 

This is something very special...


Vladan's accordion debut! The accordion is one of Vladan's favorite instrument, and happen to be a very popular instrument in Balkan, and has a gorgeous sound as well. The song is a Serbian Traditional song composed by Serbian singer Toma Zdravkovic, with the twist of Vladan's imagination and "unusual harmony".

Vladan's music featured in the film, One Two Three