From his debut concert at the world famous Carnegie Hall, Vladan donated thousand of dollars to the charity. 


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listen to "ornaments"

Vladan's debut solo album "Ornaments"

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"To listen to his debut solo piano album is to be engulfed by the whirlwind

that is Vladan.".

(Budd Kopman, All About Jazz)

"Ornaments, his solo piano debut is an expansive portrait of his unique style".

(The New York Jazz Record)

"His music mixes classical sensibility with Balkan folk music coupled with improvisation, making him end up sounding like a modern Balkan Chopin merged with Oscar Peterson.".

(Budd Kopman, All About Jazz)

"Vladan accomplishes an impressively seamless mash-up of Eastern European, Western Classical, and American jazz styles". 

(C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz)

"In the end, making music, any kind of music, is all about the performer connecting with his or her audience. This, Vladan does without question; his playing opens his heart to ours". 

(Budd Kompan, All About Jazz)

"Vladan also recognizes the splendor and happiness that beautiful music can provide and to that end, he leaves a bit of his soul on the keys as he performs the music of this album". 

(Edward Blanco, All About Jazz)


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