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Works for Motion Pictures, Television and Games
VLADAN has a huge interest and love for writing music for the motion pictures. He has been featured couple of times in various television specials and made appearances on National Public Radio (NPR). He has also composed an original soundtrack for the Serbian film, Ibar Voda, which has not been released yet. In a cooperation with the STUDIO “TON” wide specter of the first class (on call) instrumentalist and access to the enormous collection of virtual instruments, Vladan and his team are capable of composing, arranging and recording any kind of music for the motion picture, television shows, short documentaries, advertising videos,  and video games.


Recorded live at the Peter Karl Studios in Brooklyn, NY.
Vladan Mijatovic - Piano & Keys
Milos Branisavljevic - Drums
Akos Forgacs - Electric Bass


korrous-band (2)
Featuring Grammy Award Winner Robby Ammen, Burga Balci and Vladan Mijatovic
Grammy winner, drummer Robby Ammen, well-known Turkish-American composer and author of the “Virtuoso Series” books, Bugra Balci, and Vladan Mijatovic have joined together as a trio under the name “Neptune”. Recent recording sessions in New York City, feature the song titled "Paranoid" which is pieced together from a few different musical elements. Apart from the fact that all three are esteemed musicians, Robby brings a Latin and Hip-Hop rhythmical facilities, Bugra contributes a harmonic approach with substantial knowledge of classical music, and Vladan paints with his contemporary approach and unique sound of the East Europe - the Balkans. This is a combination of the three different energies, three different cultures, and three different musical backgrounds merged into one entirely new sound called “Neptune.”


Vladan Mijatovic endorsed by the futuristic keyboard
Vladan Mijatovic recently got endorsed from the British Seaboard manufacture Roli. Seaboard RISE 25 is a multi-award-winning, next-generation MIDI controller that gives you unlimited control of sound. A soft, continuous, touch-responsive surface replaces the keys of a traditional keyboard. With expression at your fingertips, a new way of making music is on the RISE.

Performing at the Washington DC Fashion Week 2016



Vladan reviews Yamaha's flagship keyboard  "MONTAGE"
The Montage is the latest Yamaha's flagship synthesizer and it is extremely powerful and packed with the beautiful new sounds. Vladan uses his abilities and versatility to demonstrate some of these sounds. Please take a look at the video "above" and learn more about the Yamaha Montage 


The Nublu Jazz Club is a club in New York's East Village. Nublu is the creation not of a showbiz impresario but of a saxophonist and keyboard player, Ilhan Ersahin, and reflects his cosmopolitan background and approach to music. Its name is meant to evoke forward-looking music in a blues framework, but the programming philosophy obviously goes way beyond that. Click "more" to read the club review in the New York Times. in 2016, Vladan led the V3 at the yearly Nublu Jazz festival.

Special thanks to the Nublu Team and to this awesome


Jan Kus - Tenor Saxophone

Akos Forgacs - Bass

Omercan Sakar - Drums




Nocturne No.1 in C minor op. 1933
Inspired by the Polish composer and virtuoso pianist of the Romantic era Frederick Chopin, Vladan wrote and performed his first ever Nocturne No. 1 in C minor.

PSYCHAUDIO is a music collective based in New York City, determined to break the conventional barriers of how music is created. The band, led by Martin Seiler and Omercan Sakar, grew out of the legendary Nublu, NYC’s forefront music venue for innovative music. The weekly late night sessions over the last few year have been curated by Omer, Martin and the band. This extraordinary band consists of Caleb McMahon (trumpet/electronics) Eva Lawitts (bass) and Vladan (keys). Along with these great musicians, Martin Seiler (sax/electronics) and Omercan Sakar (drums/electronics) grew into what became to be Psychaudio. Playing original compositions, the band attempts every night to go a little further out from the conventional comfort zone, and explore what is possible as a band in musical tight rope artistry. 



NEW ALBUM: V3 Folk Legacy


V3 is an exciting and innovative new Serbian-American, Jazz-Folk Trio based in New York City. Led by Vladan Mijatovic on piano, together with Berklee College of Music graduates Milos Branisavljevic on drums and Akos Forgacs on bass, they are bringing a fresh, alternative sound to a diverse and demanding music scene. 


In a clear, original format V3 traverses boundaries of traditional Eastern European music, specifically Balkan folk melodies, blending the varied, uneven rhythms and colorful lyricism of beloved folk tunes with the sharp, cutting edge sounds of contemporary jazz. The atypical approach of V3 brings a unique perspective to today’s music.


Being brought up at that part of the world, where music is ornamental, melodious and vastly colorful, man is often bestowed with the unique skills and unconventional abilities in music. 


Vladan Mijatovic and Milos Branisavljevic have composed several tracks blending native Balkan flavors with current influences. Their debut album, Folk Legacy, features several covers such as “Biljana,” an old traditional Macedonian song, as well as “Night in Tunisia,” the famous jazz standard composed by the legendary Dizzy Gillespie. The featured artists on Folk Legacy include special guest, Ismail Lumanovski, virtuoso on clarinet, and are among today's most accomplished Eastern European musicians. Their inventive compositions are a testament to the creative impetus that is leading the way to new frontiers in “World Music”.


V3 brings a welcome new sound and an authentic, global sensibility to the contemporary musical landscape.

V3 is an exciting and innovative new Serbian-American, Jazz-Folk Trio based in New York City. Led by Vladan Mijatovic on piano, together with Berklee College of Music graduates Milos Branisavljevic on drums and Akos Forgacs on bass, they are bringing a fresh, alternative sound to a diverse and demanding music scene. 


Sascha Thieltges - "Heart Of Steel"

This is the first solo record of German guitar player Sascha Thieltges.

It contains 11 songs of instrumental rock music  – inspired by Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, Nuno Bettencourt, Paul Gilbert & Zakk Wylde.

The album features his brother - Daniel Thieltges - on drums and serbian pianist Vladan Mijatovic on piano & keys.



"The title track comes up with a true keyboard/guitar trade-off. In this case, Vladan Mijatovic, who is one of the most renowned young artists on his instrument and has already performed in the distinguished Carnegie Hall, proves his dexterity."

Click "more" to read the whole review in German.